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Q: I can't connect to the 'iSoundz Desktop' application on my PC!

A: This is usually due to the fact that the iPhone / iPod is on a different network/subnet than your PC.  You can check this by going to 'Settings -> WiFi' on your iPod/iPhone and checking that you're connected to your local WiFi network.  Next, click on the right-arrow next to your selected network and look at the 'IP Address' field.  The first two numbers in this field (something like '192.168') are what's called the 'subnet' of your wireless network:


Now, go to your PC and click on 'Start -> Run' and enter 'cmd' then press 'Enter.'  Now type 'ipconfig' on the command line and press enter.  The 'IP Address' will be displayed, and the first two numbers should match the first two numbers you found on your iPod/iPhone above.  If they don't, your iPod/iPhone and your PC are on different subnets.

If this is the case, you will need to connect your PC to the same wireless router, either with a wired or wireless connection, and then you'll be able to connect your iPod/iPhone wirelessly to your PC!


Q: Can I connect to the iSoundz Desktop application over a WLAN with my iPhone?

A: This is possible - but takes a bit of network savvy :)  You'll need to go into your wireless router's configuration and create a new 'rule' that routes all requests on port 8001 to the IP address of your PC (see above for instructions on how to get your PC's IP address).

For example, on a Linksys WRT54G you would go the default router IP address (, enter your user ID & PW to login (see your router's documentation for this login info if you don't have it), then click on the 'Applications & Gaming' tab.  Enter the name 'iLauncher' in the 'Application' column of the 'Port Range Forward' table, and then enter '8001' for the 'Start' and 'End' port columns.  Leave 'Protocol' as default and then enter the IP address of your PC which has the USB Missile Launcher connected & iLauncher desktop software running.  Then click 'Save Settings' to save your new routing rule.

Now, click on the 'Status' tab and make a note of the 'IP Address' displayed - this is the external IP address that your gateway router exposes to the "world" and will probably be something like '' etc..   Next, on your iPod/iPhone, start the iLauncher App, and go to the 'Configure' screen, then enter the external IP address from your router, and tap 'Test Connection' - you should be good to go!

In some cases you will also need to make sure your gateway router (e.g. cable/DSL modem) is not blocking port 8001 by default in it's configuration.