iSoundz has an amazing 135 SOUND EFFECTS to choose from!
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iSoundz now has the ability to play sounds remotely on your PC or your iPod/iPhone!  You can even remotely control the volume on your PC from your iPhone!  Scare your friends, annoy your boss - get out there and have some fun!  With 135 SOUNDS to choose from, what are you waiting for?
Download the 'iSoundz Desktop' application for your Windows PC HERE and get in on all the REMOTE CONTROL action!
Click here for our Frequenty Asked Questions page for help connecting the 'iSoundz Desktop' PC application to your iPod / iPhone


When you launch iSoundz you get right into the action - just tap the 'Play' or 'Random' speaker buttons to hear your first sound effects:


Or tap over to the 'Settings' tab and enable shakes or random sounds when you shake your iPod/iPhone:

You may have noticed the 'PC Volume' control on the 'Settings' tab, and here's where the real fun starts.  It's time to connect to your PC to TOTAL REMOTE CONTROL!  Just launch the iSoundz Desktop application on your PC (link to install above) and then tap 'Remote' on your iPod / iPhone:


Just enter the IP address & Port information displayed on your PC right into the IP/Port fields in iSoundz on your iPhone.  Now tap 'Test Connection' to make sure you're hooked up and BAM - you're PC and iPhone are now connected!  Now you can select any sound on iSoundz Desktop to play remotely on your iPod/iPhone - or any sound on your iPod/iPhone to play remotely on your PC.  Just imagine all the fun you're going to have with a 2-way remote control sound effects player!



Why iSoundz is the best!


 For Kids!  For Adults!
  • Easy to use - click and go!
  • Have fun amazing your friends with all the cool sound effects
  • The best fart noises around!
  • 'Shake it' for random sounds for even more fun!
  • Have fun setting up the remote control & scaring your friends and parents with all of the cool sound effects


  • We all deserve to have a little fun now and then - here's your chance!
  • Start iSoundz Desktop on your cube-mate's PC, stroll down the hallway and let the REMOTE CONTROL FUN begin!  Voices, animals, farts - oh my!!
  • High quality software at rock-bottom prices - everybody loves a good deal :)