iLauncher 1.2 is now available on the iTunes App Store!
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iLauncher v.1.2 is the hottest new application for your iPod Touch / iPhone!  COMPLETE REMOTE CONTROL of your USB Missile Launcher from anywhere on your WiFi network!  Let the epic battles begin! 

** NOTE: This App requires a compatible USB missile launcher - such as the one pictured in the iLauncher logo.  You can test if your USB missile launcher is compatible by downloading the FREE desktop remote control software below.

New in version 1.2

Ultra-precise remote speed control of your missile launcher and tilt your iPhone / iPod to control all the action!

Download the 'iLauncher Desktop' v.1.2 application for your Windows PC HERE and get in on all the REMOTE CONTROL action!

Click here for our Frequenty Asked Questions page for help connecting your USB Missile Launcher to your iPod / iPhone

When you start iLauncher, the first step is to set the connection information to the iLauncher desktop application running on your PC:


All you need to do is copy the information directly from the startup screen displayed on the iLaucher desktop application on your PC and you're ready to roll:

Now just tap back over to the 'Control' screen in iLauncher on your iPhone, and you're in complete control of your USB Missile Launcher from anywhere on your WiFi network:

Want to know more about the USB Missile Launcher or other great products?  Just tap on 'About' or 'Web' and we'll take you there:


What are you waiting for?!  Time to get in on the action and start having some fun today in your office or at home - or anywhere!


Why iLauncher is the best!


 For Kids!  For Adults!
  • Easy to use - click and go!
  • Have fun amazing your friends when you control your USB Missile Launcher from anywhere on your WiFi network
  • The one and only robotic remote control missile launcher for the iPhone!


  • We all deserve to have a little fun now and then - here's your chance!
  • Plant your USB Missile Launcher strategically on top of your cubicle, step back, and let the cube wars begin!
  • High quality software at rock-bottom prices - everybody loves a good deal :)