TweetLipz can literally generate millions of different tweets using 6500+ SAMPLE WORDS IN 30 CATEGORIES!
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TweetLipz is a great way to spice up your tweets with, 6500+ built in words in 30 categories, and tons of downloadable tweets!  With fun sounds, 10 tweets to get you started, and built-in Twitter integration you'll be having fun in minutes!

When you launch TweetLipz, all you need to do is scan through the list of built-in TweetLipz, tap 'Play' or 'Surprise Me' to pick a random tweet and you're ready to go!


Don't worry if you can't think of a good "singular noun" right off the bat - TweetLipz will help you out with the amazing "waterfall words" interface:

Still don't see any words you like?  Just give your iPhone a quick shake, and you'll get 10 new ones to try!

Or if you want to show off that extensive vocabulary, you can tap the word you want or tap the word category at the top of the screen and enter your own hilarious words!

Don't feel up to picking all those words?  Just tap the double-right-arrow and TweetLipz will fill all the words in for you!  After a few more taps, BAM! - you're ready to see the fruits of your efforts:

Already gone through all of the built-in TweetLipz?!  Don't worry - you can always download more using a quick and easy in-app purchase through the iTunes App Store:

You can check back as often as you like, because we'll be posting new TweetLipz all the time!

So, what are you waiting for?!   It's free!! :)