iFOS has a database of more than 1000+ cities from around the world?
  Products:  iFOS - It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!
iFOS is the perfect App for any occasion!  How many times have you said "Man, it must be 5 o'clock somewhere" - well, now there's an App for that!  Quick, fun and easy - iFOS will make you the life of the party in seconds :)

When you launch iFOS, you'll immediately be located with your GPS coordinates and your time zone will be calculated - then you'll instantly be shown a city in the world where it's 5PM.  How easy is that?!


Or, what if you want to see all the cities where it's 5PM?  Just tap 'All' and the App will show them to you:

Want to know more about that city?  Just tap the Wikipedia icon in the popup and the App will take you there:

Or, what if you want to zoom in a little closer?  Just tap 'Target' and you'll zoom right in - or you can always pinch to zoom anywhere you like:

What if you want to know where it's noon?  Or 10PM?  Rest easy, my friend - we've got it covered!  Just tap the settings icon and the App let's you pick the target time, map type and units and zoom to target level:

But what if you can't get a GPS signal or you're trying to save your batteries?  Well, you can even pick your own 'home city' by tapping 'Pick City' on the settings page.  Then just pick from the list and we'll remember your settings the next time you come back!

iFOS truly is the must-have killer-App for your iPhone!  Now get out there and have some fun!