FlashCardz can make learning fun and exciting?
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FlashCardz is fun for the whole family!  Kids, challenge Mom and Dad to a race - and Mom and Dad, see how excited your kids get when they accomplish a milestone!

When you launch FlashCardz you see a very simple configuration screen - make your choices and you're ready to go!  We made the slider buttons extra-large to make setup a snap.  (Oh, and FlashCardz remembers all your settings for you the next time you play!)

Or, if you need any help with the settings, just tap the '?' icon next to any button:

Then it's on to the flash card screen, make your choices as fast as you can, and FlashCardz will even replay the ones you got wrong, if you want:

After each round of play, you get to see how you did - how fast and how accurate:


Here's why FlashCardz is the best!


 For Kids!  For Adults!
  • Easy to use - click and go!
  • Addition or multiplication - you choose
  • Decide if you want to replay cards you get wrong
  • Fun sounds and effects!
  • See if you can beat Mom and Dad!


  • Kid-safe and kid-tested program with proven results - they'll love it!
  • Simple interface - easy enough for the youngest members of your family to use
  • Track % correct and how fast your kids answer all cards
  • Very cost effective - less than a deck of flash cards - it's like getting "two for one!"